CFA Enrollment Procedures

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Check List for CFA Enrollment



Dear CFA Families,

A list of forms to be returned with your registration is listed at the end of this letter. Please include all of the items on the check-list when sending in your registration. Please pay attention to the following as you complete your registration:

Remember to print multiple copies of the forms you may need extra copies of for multiple children and/or for the multiple copies that need to be send in.

When filling out your church school enrollment forms, please include your public school district(1st section of the form) and sign at date it (1st & 3rd section of the form). You are required by law to keep a copy of this form for each child in your file at home.

Both parents must sign disclaimer form.

If you have any questions or need help, please give us a call.

We look forward to another successful school year at Christian Fellowship Academy.

Together In His Service,

Anthony & Jaime Clapp



Please use this check list to be sure you return the necessary registration forms:

Check List

Required for each Student

Filled out 3 copies of Church School Enrollment forms - Per student 

Filled out 2 copies of Admissions forms - Per family

Signed Statement of Disclaimer - Per family

Include the Yearly $75.00 Membership/Enrollment Fee & the one-time $25.00 Admission Fee

** Enrollment Fees are $100.00 for new members & $75.00 for re-enrolling CFA members returning by Aug.1st **

**All fees must be paid via check or money order.**

**We do not accept debit cards, credit cards or any other form of online payments.**

 *** Fees are non-refundable once the paperwork/enrollment process is complete ***

If transferring from another school, fill out Request for school records form & withdrawal form (These forms are to be mailed by the parent directly to the previous school.)




Enrollment Procedures


Members of Christian Fellowship Academy

If you have any questions, or need help. Please contact the administrator.

You will need to print the appropriate forms needed to enroll. Forms

The CFA forms are PDF files,which require Adobe Reader. 
 If not already installed on your computer,
download it free from the link below.



1) Fill out the following forms:

1. Church school enrollment form. One for each child. Be sure to sign in parts I & III.

    Make (3) copies (for each child).And send copies to Christian Fellowship Academy.

2. Christian Fellowship Academy Admission Form. Make (2)copies. Keep one for your file

    and sent the other copy to Christian Fellowship Academy

2) Sign Disclaimer form

3) Submit Annual Membership/Enrollment fee & One-Time Admission fee with the forms.

4) If you are transferring from another school, please fill out the Request for school records form

& the withdrawal form and mail directly to the school you are transferring from.




Returning Members of Christian Fellowship Academy

1. You do not need to fill out a Church school enrollment form, unless you have moved in the last year or unless you have a child who is turning 6 this year. If so,then complete a CSEF for each child (if moved) or complete a CSEF for the child who is turning 6 this year.  Be sure to send 3 copies for each student by Aug. 1st.

2. Submit an updated Christian Fellowship Academy Admission Form for our records by Aug.1st

    Keep a copy of your Admission form for records as well.

3. Submit appropriate Enrollment fees.


***Copies of all forms for Christian Fellowship Academy are provided on this website as well as the yahoo group***

Important: Deadline for re-enrollment is August 1st. If we have not received your paperwork by that date, we will assume you have chosen not to re-enroll with CFA. And as required by law, we will inform the Superintendent/BOE that you are no longer enrolled with CFA. ALL enrollments received after Aug. 1st will need to follow the enrollment procedures as a new member.



One-Time New Member Admission fee is $25.00

Yearly Membership/Enrollment fee is $75.00 per family

$20.00 LATE FEE - If attendance reports are not received by June 15th.

Transcript Fee - $40.00 - If parents choose to have CFA fill out the transcript. We also offer the information on how to fill out the transcripts and the form needed to the parents for free. (Please note:There is a mailing fee for transcripts.)

Transcript Mailing fee - $20 per transcript

Diploma -$50.00 if ordered by CFA. Or can be ordered by parents. ( Diplomas must be paid via money order)

*The transcript fee is if your child is graduating and needs a transcript for college, or if you are withdrawing them from CFA to attend another school and you need CFA to fill out a transcript for you.*

Teacher & Student ID Cards: $10 per family 

Fees cover: copy paper, envelopes, print cartridges, postage, as well as phone and Internet-related costs,etc.

**Fees must be paid by check or money order. We do not accept debit cards, credit cards, or any other form of online payments**




1. Legal Church School

2. Administrative support

3. CAN OFFER -- Official transcripts and diplomas when the proper requirements have been met & given to the administrator (If requested by the parents.)

4. If requested -- Teacher/ Student ID Cards - ($10 per family) These are NOT required for CFA enrollment.



State Requirements:

The State Law reads that a church school must require a signed enrollment form and that an attendance record be kept on file. Everything else is up to the discretion of the church school and parent.

Record of attendance ~ provided by the parents

Christian Fellowship Academy asks for what the state requires: We turn in the church school enrollment form for the parent, and by keeping records of attendance provided by the parent. Materials, schedules, etc. are all up to the parents. But, we are available to share ideas and offer advice to those who need it. We also have a list of links and resources to help you find what best fits your family.


Christian Fellowship Academy requires:

* Completed Church School enrollment form (s)

* Completed Admission Form

* Statement of Disclaimer

* Yearly $75.00 membership/enrollment fee per family & a one-time new member $25.00 Admission fee.

* A minimum of 160 days in attendance per year - Attendance to be turned in by June 15.



1. A Statement of Faith

2. Membership in HSLDA (but is strongly recommended for your protection)

3. Approval of curriculum

(Families are free to choose the course of study that best suits their child's individual needs)

4. No meetings or classes to attend , but we do suggest having internet access. This will enable you to join the yahoo group & keep informed. (But is not required). 

***Here is the link to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association ***

Save $20 on HSLDA Membership! Use group 299650

Read more about this discount & others on the link below



It is the Parent's responsibility to:

*Submit all fees and forms to Christian Fellowship Academy in a timely manner.

*Request a copy of transcripts and records from previous school (Form provided to request records form previous school)

* Select & Purchase the education materials and/or curriculum for their child(ren)

*Maintain a daily attendance - And send a copy of Attendance to CFA by June 15.

* Provide their child(ren) with daily instruction & keep samples of their work in their personal files.

* Keep the administrator informed of any changes such as: mailing address,email address,phone numbers,and enrollment decisions



These reports are to be kept by parent. These reports need to be kept,since some may need a transcript for college, or if you decide to change schools.

 If a child leaves CFA, then we will need a copy of your progress reports, if you want CFA to fill out a Transcript for you.



A transcript is a form that lists all the subjects and grades your child has finished. This form follows your child to a new school or to a college. A student withdrawing from CFA to attend a private/public school will need a transcript of all work accomplished during their enrollment with CFA. And since we encourage parents to home educate their children through high school, a transcript will need to be prepared for your child that is graduating and desires to go on to college. It is the Parent's responsibilty to fill out the transcript. To get a transcript for your child that is graduating from CFA, you must send me reports for each high school year with grades/subjects/credits. Please keep excellent records of all work. If requested, we can provide the parent with information on how to prepare the transcript. Or you can find the infomation, by using a search engine such as , and search for "homeschool transcript". You can also do a search for "homeschool diploma" as well. 

If you are withdrawing your child(ren) from CFA & request CFA to fill out the transcript: We will create a transcript using the information prepared by the parent on the progress reports. We will then send the transcript to the parent. It is the parent's responsibility to provided the transcript to the new school. Fees apply if you want CFA to do the transcipt and/or mail the transcript .

*** Should you decide to withdrawal from Christian Fellowship Academy, you are required to mail in the CFA withdrawal form to inform us of your plans.***