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State regulations require keeping attendance.

 While state law does not require a certain number of days for the length of a school year for a church school, Christian Fellowship Academy has deemed it appropriate to set a minimum number of educational days for its enrolled students. Students must complete a minimum of 160 educational days by June 15th.

--According to the state-- A school day is defined as a planned day for instruction in which at least 3 major subjects are taught OR at least three hours are spent in educational, learning activities. Additionally, the school day may be considered complete when one day’s lesson plans have been completed. 

A school day can & should include a wide variety of activities. Here are just a few examples: Book learning, free reading, cooking, field trips, educational TV programs,Karate classes, music lessons, etc.

Keep in mind.... Learning comes in all sorts of forms, which includes visual, auditory, & hands-on activities. Learning is not confined to just textbooks and workbooks...

Each family needs to decide when and how to complete their required educational days within the calendar year. Some families follow the public school calendar,other families prefer the year-round approach. Whatever works best for you and your family.

Parents must maintain attendance records, and must submit a copy to CFA by June 15th. Parents should keep a copy of attendance and other reports submitted to the school in their own records. (There is a $20.00 late fee if attendance is not received by June 15th.)

* The Attendance form needed can be found listed on the CFA Forms link on this website or on the CFA Yahoo Group under files *


Study Plan 

Record keeping is an important part in the daily requirements of your home education.We recommend you purchase a notebook, journal or other some other means of recording and indicating the subjects you have taught and the activities your child(ren) are engaged in. This is for you to keep in your personal files.

Parents are responsible for the selection and purchase of their children's curriculum. If you need help in making this decision,this is one benefit of the yahoo group: The administrator along with other enrolled families are willing to help you by providing suggestions and recommendations on curriculum.


Progress Reports

A progress report is a time for you to evaluate your child's academic progress. The review is a record of your child’s academic progress. A progress report consists of information concerning the progress made in your course of study. This information should be given in the forms of grades and/or narrative. It should evaluate whether or not you have met your goals in your study plan. We suggest a progress report for each child be kept. This is to be kept in your own personal files.

If you decided to transfer from CFA,and you want CFA to fill out the transcript. Then CFA will need a copy of your progress reports to be able to fill out the transcript form for you.

Students are not required to use numeric grades. But, Colleges expect to be able to assess a student according to their GPA (grade point average) which is impossible to do without using numeric grades.


The Christian Fellowship Academy suggests using the grading scale outlined below.

Grading Scale
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
Below 60 F

Grades, tests, transcripts, and report cards are not required by the state of Alabama; therefore, they are not required by Christian Fellowship Academy. And since testing is not required, we do not provide this service. There is a list provided below, so parents can order/receive tests; if desired.



Standardized Testing

Testing is not required by the State of Alabama, but some families may find it beneficial for evaluating their children. Testing is optional, so parents' are responsible for getting their children tested.


The PASS test and CAT test may be administered at home by the parent.

If your child will be going to college, the College ACT or SAT tests are necessary.These are administered through local colleges or high schools. Alabama colleges typically require the ACT.



You can order a test, administer them home and send the test back to these companies for grading. They will send you the results.

Bayside School Service ................................ 800.723.3057

Christian Liberty Academy ............................ 847.259.8736

Family Learning Testing Service Comprehensive CAT Test 1-800-405-8378

Hewitt Educational Resources ...................... 1.360.835.8708

Hewitt’s PASS test designed specially for Home Educated Students.

IOWA Basic Skills Test - Check with Bob Jones University at 1-800-845-5731

Personalized Achievement Summary System 1-360-835-8708


FOR GRADES 3 to 6:

Personalized Achievement Summary System 1-360-835-8708

Family Learning Testing Service Comprehensive CAT Test 1-800-405-8378

Christian Liberty Press sells an abreviated version of the California Achievement Test (CAT) 1-847-259-4444 The CAT test can be administered at home.

FOR GRADES 7 to 12:

ACT or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Check with a local college

IOWA Basic Skills Test - Check with Bob Jones University at 1-800-845-5731

Family Learning Testing Service Comprehensive CAT Test 1-800-405-8378

The code for homeschooled students taking the college ACT 969-999 or SAT tests is 970-000. The PSAT code is 990-199. The test results will be mailed directly to the parent.


* For those pursuing a diploma *

This is what the state requires from public school students.


If you desire a diploma from CFA after you have completed your schooling, or want information on filling out a transcript, please contact the administrator. Since CFA takes the hands-off approach, we do not offer a Graduation ceremony, but we can  suggest other ways for you & your family to celebrate your child's accomplishment.

CFA is a non-accredited school


We are not accredited ---most church schools are not. We are a church school operating under the Alabama church school law. PLEASE READ THE LAW and educate yourself about this issue of home education.

For parents wanting to enroll/re-enroll their children in a public/private school. It is the parent’s responsibility, not CFA’s, to know all requirement’s for their child to enter the public/private school from a non-accredited school. If you decide to put your child into a public/private school,then that school may or may not accept your child’s credits from a non accredited school. We cannot guarantee that the credits that your child has finished will be accepted, if you choose to put your child in public/private school after you have home schooled your child. It is up to the school. You need to make the decision to teach your child at home based on these chances. It is your responsibility to make sure your child is meeting the requirements to enter public school. If you want CFA to fill out the transcript, then you must turn in your child's progress reports, attendance, and the transcript fee. We will not send the transcript to the school, we will send it to you.

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