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CFA's Purpose & Beliefs

 CFA's Purpose

1.To offer a church school 

2. To provide information about home education

3.To allow parents the flexibility to teach their children

4. Encourage and support your decision to home educate

***The Church school is also known as an umbrella or cover school. It is called this because the Church school provides the parent with a legal "cover" to home educate their children.***


CFA is a ministry of the church. We believe a church is a group of people. We do not believe the church is a physical building nor a denomination. We do not ask or require any family to have our particular doctrinal beliefs.We respect each family's personal convictions and we ask that every family in CFA also have the same respect towards each other.



About the Director & Administrator --- Why We Chose Home Education


We have 4 children ages 27,25,22 & 20.

We had always homeschooled our children.

Here are just a few reasons why we had chosen to home educate our children. 

1. We enjoyed having our children with us every day and all day

2. We wanted to provide them with a childhood that has a strong upbringing in our own faith.

3. We didn’t want to entrust our children‘s mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical growth to strangers. 

4. We wanted to make sure our children receive an excellent education.

We were mostly eclectic schoolers, with some Charlotte Mason style learning thrown in, along with some occasional traditional methods.




1. Choose a church school

2. Research all the educational methods/options

3. Find the method that is best for you and your family

4. Find a support group (online and/or locally) 

Leaping from the box has a great list of support groups and articles to read http://www.leapingfromthebox.com 

***One important thing for you to remember is to let your children see you learning new things as well.***

Christian Fellowship Academy's 4 S's

We invite you to join CFA

For the 4 S's:


CFA wants to encourage and provide information to help our homeschool families.


CFA wants to provide a Godly atmosphere for your children and ours to develop lasting friendships.


CFA wants to help parent's find the best method to fit their child's  learning style and help them pursue their academic goals, so to best home educate their children.


CFA wants to assist parents in the exciting and challenging task of preparing their children for a lifetime of service to God. Scripture defines true success not in terms of income, occupation, social status, or class, but as faithfulness to God. We want our children & our member's children to have a strong foundation in thier faith and to be faithful servants to God.  And for them to also know the basics like reading, writing, math, history, science, etc.  If we have done this, then we as parents were successful.


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No Greater Joy has great articles on family & home education


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. ~~ William Butler Yeats